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StepSaver™ for solid phase extraction, from Environmental Express, saves time and simplifies the new disk method for oil and grease (EPA Method 1664). This apparatus is unique in two ways. First, the collection vessel is located outside the filter flask or manifold and uses a vacuum bridge to connect it to the vacuum source. Second, a luer adaptor is located in the solvent collection arm that allows the use of an in-line Na2SO4 drying cartridge (Catalog #G1065). These two features allow the analyst to collect the solvent with eluted oil and grease directly into a preweighed collection flask with no disassembly or reassembly of the glassware. The eluent is already dried with Na2SO4 and can be directly evaporated to obtain the weight of the extracted oil and grease.

The StepSaver is designed for use with 47mm solid phase extraction disks from 3M. A 90mm version is also available for SPE applications requiring a larger filtration area.

A two-way, 120°, Teflon stopcock allows the analyst to choose the direction of filtrate flow. This design prevents accidental sample loss as the stopcock cannot be opened to both channels at the same time. The 40/35 ground glass joint on the bottom of the apparatus allows attachment to a filter manifold or filtration flask. The StepSaver is made of borosilicate glass with a stainless steel filter screen and uses a grease-free Teflon stopcock.

Description:  StepSaver Kit, 47mm, 1000mL, One Kit

Catalog number:  G1047-1L


StepSaver kit, 90mm.
Kit includes 1,000 mL funnel reservoir, two-way base unit with 120° Teflon stopcock and stainless steel filter plate, 40/35 ground glass joint large Thomas clamp, 100mL collection flask and Keck clip. All glass parts of heavy wall borosilicate glass.  

Description:   StepSaver Kit, 90mm, 1000mL, One Kit

Catalog number:  G1090