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Disposable Bottles for Biochemical Oxygen Demand

Disposable BOD bottles provide huge labor savings and improved quality in any environmental laboratory. Lightweight unbreakable and recyclable disposable bottles offer safety as well as convenience. Best of all, these bottles provide better results by providing a clean bottle for every analysis.

Unique Oxygen Barrier Properties
Ordinary plasitc bottles are unsuitable for BOD analysis because oxygen migrates through the plastic into the sample.  However, using a patented process, the inner walls of these BOD bottles are sealed with amorphous carbon.  The coadting is 1,000 angstroms thick and provides a superior barrier to prevent oxygen from diffusing into, or out of, your sample.  The coated bottles provide uniform blanks, high standard recoveries and quality test data.

No Pre-Cleaning Necessary
Disposable BOD bottles ae used straight from the box without pre-cleaning.  Using these bottles eliminates sample carryover and soap contamination.  Bottles are packed in plastic-lined boxes to eliminate dust and residue that could adversely affect BOD results.  The uniformity and cleanliness provided by the disposable BOD bottles will improve your lab's blanks and test results.

Lightweight and Disposable
While these bottles contain the rewuied 300mL and use existing glass or acrylic stoppers, the are slightly smaller in size than standard glass bottles.  The trimmer size allows you to store more bottles in your existing BOD incubator.  In addition, disposable bottles weigh only 28 grams each, reducing the weight by 85%.  These bottles are made of PET, one of the most recyclable plastics.  Unlike most thermo-plastics that are ground up and used in low-end applications, recycled PET is broken down chemically to monomer level and re-polymerized.  We encourage you to recycle these bottles.

Conserve Water
How much water do you waste washing, triple rinsing and Dl rinsing your BOD bottles?  Most labs report it takes two liters of water or more to properly clean a BOD bottle.  Multiply that amount by hundreds or thousands of bottles used, and you can see that a significant amount of water goes down the drain each year.  With disposable bottles, you conserve water and eliminate water treatment and the soaps or detergents associated with washing.

Disposable Bottles for Biochemical Oxygen Demand or BOD
BOD Overcaps and Acrylic Stoppers Fit Our Disposable BOD Bottles

BOD Overcaps Fit Our Disposable BOD Bottles
The use of a cap over the mouth of the BOD bottle to prevent evaporation is recommended by Standard Methods.  Overcaps are made of polyethylene and fit snugly against the rim and shoulder of our disposable BOD bottles.

Acrylic Stoppers
While your exsiting glass or plastic stoppers will work perfectly with our disposable BOD bottles, we offer these economical acrylic replacement stoppers.

Catalog Number
300mL Disposable BOD Bottles
Acrylic BOD Bottle Stopper, pack of 25
BOD Overcap, pack of 50