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The zero head space extractor, the ZHE+, is the finest device of its type available.  Constructed of type 316 stainless steel, the ZHE+ has a capacity of 560ml, more than enough to utilize the maximum test sample of 25 grams as allowed by federal regulations.  In use, the piston is moved up the honed sample barrel by gas pressure.  This pushes the extracted sample through a 0.7µm borosilicate glass fiber filter, held between two photo-etched screens, out the top of the apparatus into a gas tight syringe of Tedlar® Bag.  The ZHE+ uses an oil filled gauge to monitor filtration pressures.  This feature provides greater accuracy and longer service life than standard pressure gauges.  The pressurizing gas is introduced through a quick-connect fitting found on the bottom that allows the user one hand operation when connecting or disconnecting the gas source.  A pressure relief valve is located on the bottom.  All fittings on the bottom of the ZHE+ are contained within the "footprint" of the apparatus, protecting them from damage when the apparatus is handled or loaded into a rotary agitator.

The finished extract exits through a 316 stainless steel plug valve located on the top plate.  A plug valve is especially well suited for this application as it can be "throttled" to allow the hex connecting rods and feet, which allow the user to assemble and disassemble the apparatus either by hand or with a wrench, if necessary.

The ZHE+ is supplied with a complete set of spare O-rings and a polyethylene tool to remove the piston from the sample cylinder.

ZHE+, zero head space extractor

o-rings and screens O-ring sets, 316SS photoetched screens and quality replacements parts guaranteed to fit your zero head space extractor.  All parts made of approved materials.

ZHE Accessories
Catalog Number
90mm Filter Support Screen, 316 Stainless Steel
O-ring set
Plate O-ring, Viton™, 3 pack
Barrel O-ring, Viton
Piston O-ring set, Teflon®-coated, 2 pack