TJ Environmental is a retail business providing quality products and support to environmental laboratories and testing professionals. We offer filters and testing equipment for liquid and areosol monitoring (such as HotBlock, ghost wipes, BOD bottles, TCLP products, metals analysis products, ProWeigh filters, MaxFil, ZHE+, Digestion Vessels, flow meters, acetone vaporizers, and various filters for water and air testing) at very competitive prices.  We currently stock products by BGI, Environmental Express, J.D. Technical Services, Menzel, SPI Supplies and Technovation. Most orders received before 3 pm can be shipped to you from our office the same day that you place your order. That means no uncertain waiting time and delays, as with many suppliers. HotBlocks, BOD bottles and vessels, Microscope slides, gold filters

MaxFil™ Pressure Filtration Device

MaxFil Pressure Filtration Device The MaxFil™ Pressure Filtration Device now has a Teflon®-coated aluminum design which is durable and lightweight. The MaxFil is specifically designed to meet the demands of the Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure. Design features built into this hazardous waste filtration system make complying with Method 1311 easy and efficient. No splitting of the sample extract is necessary because the 2200mL capacity allows the analyst to load the entire sample before filtration begins. This not only saves time but also reduces the supplies necessary to prepare a sample. Pressurization is achieved by use of a quick connect fitting instead of a cumbersome hose-barb fitting. This quick-connect requires no clamping and, unlike a barbed fitting, it cannot "blow off" during filtration. All pressures are monitored by a pressure gauge located on the top plate of the MaxFil. When used with a regulator, filtration can be performed accurately and precisely without constant attention by the analyst. Sample materials may be introduced into the MaxFil by removing the top plate or through the 1" diameter entry port. This unique entry port has a two-inch knurled handle that enables any analyst to open and close the port without the use of tools. All wetted surfaces of the Maxfil are Teflon®-coated to offer extra assurance that no leaching of metals will occur.
MaxFil pressure filtration device

O-ring sets, 316SS photoetched screens and quality replacements parts.  All parts made of approved materials. o-rings and screens

Pressure Filtration
Filter support screen, 316 stainless steel
Teflon-coated Filter support Screen
Plate O-ring, Viton™
Inlet O-ring, Viton