TJ Environmental is a retail business providing quality products and support to environmental laboratories and testing professionals. We offer filters and testing equipment for liquid and areosol monitoring (such as HotBlock, ghost wipes, BOD bottles, TCLP products, metals analysis products, ProWeigh filters, MaxFil, ZHE+, Digestion Vessels, flow meters, acetone vaporizers, and various filters for water and air testing) at very competitive prices.  We currently stock products by BGI, Environmental Express, J.D. Technical Services, Menzel, SPI Supplies and Technovation. Most orders received before 3 pm can be shipped to you from our office the same day that you place your order. That means no uncertain waiting time and delays, as with many suppliers. HotBlocks, BOD bottles and vessels, Microscope slides, gold filters

TCLP Filter Papers

Acid Washed TCLP Filters
Acid Washed TCLP Filters
Our acid-washed TCLP filters meet all guidelines for acid washing as set forth in EPA Method 1311. These filters are washed in 1N HNO3 acid, then rinsed three times with deionized water. Filters are then oven-dried at 105C prior to final conversion.  The use of prewashed filters saves reagent cost and reduces chemical waste in your laboratory.  Filters are washed in a consistant, reproducible procedure which may reduce blank variability.

These quantitative filter papers are manufactured from the highest quality alpha cotton cellulose, then acid washed with Hydrochloric acid, followed by Hydrofluoric acid to substantially reduce levels of metal oxides such as SiO2, CaO, and Fe2O3. Following acid washing, all papers are rinsed with ultra pure water for neutralization.

Each box of prewashed TCLP filters is supplied with an independent certification of preparation warranting that the filters were prepared by Method 1311 protocals. The certificate also gives demonstrated background TCLP metals levels.
Acid Washed TCLP Filters
Item No.
Acid Washed TCLP Filters, 47mm, 0.7µm, 100pk
Acid Washed TCLP Filters, 70mm, 0.7µm, 50pk
Acid Washed TCLP Filters, 76mm, 0.7µm, 50pk
Acid Washed TCLP Filters, 90mm, 0.7µm, 50pk
Acid Washed TCLP Filters, 110mm, 0.7µm, 50pk
Acid Washed TCLP Filters, 125mm, 0.7µm, 50pk
Acid Washed TCLP Filters, 142mm, 0.7µm, 50pk
Acid Washed TCLP Filters, 150mm, 0.7µm, 50pk
Acid Washed Filter Papers, 11cm, >10µm, 500pk

TCLP Filters
Standard Certified TCLP Filters
TCLP extracts must be filtered through binder free, borosilicate glass fiber filters, with porosity limits of 0.7µm ± 0.1µm. Our filters exhibit a 98% particle retention rate at that particle size.  In addition, that are tested for wet burst strength and flow rate.  A certificate of analysis is included in every box of filters.  The certificate warrants that our filters meet all guidelines for TCLP extractions and indicates expected background metals levels.  In providing this independent certification, sample filters are prepared according to EPA method 1311, extracted with extraction fluid #1, and the extract anaylyzed by axial ICP.
Standard Certified TCLP Filters
Item No.
Standard TCLP Filters - 47mm, 0.7µm, 100pk
Standard TCLP Filters - 55mm, 0.7µm, 100pk
Standard TCLP Filters - 70mm, 0.7µm, 100pk
Standard TCLP Filters - 76mm, 0.7µm, 100pk
Standard TCLP Filters - 90mm, 0.7µm, 100pk
Standard TCLP Filters - 110mm, 0.7µm, 100pk
Standard TCLP Filters - 125mm, 0.7µm, 100pk
Standard TCLP Filters - 142mm, 0.7µm, 100pk
Standard TCLP Filters - 150mm, 10.7µm, 100pk