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The AutoBlockTM from was designed to completely automate the metals digestion process. Controlled by a hand-held PDA, the AutoBlockTM comes with programs for EPA Methods 200.2, 200.7, 200.8, 3050B, 200.9, 7470A, 7471, 245.1 already installed. Other methods can be programmed into the PDA by the analyst.

AutoBlockTM Specifications:

Dimensions: 63,5 cm wide x 71,12cm deep x 73,66 cm high
Weight: 68 kg
Shipping weight: 145 kg
Sample capacity: 54 samples in increments of 6 Controller: Hewlett Packard Jornada 540 Air flow: to 2,8 cubic meters per minute (to 100 cubic feet per minute)

AutoBlockTM Systems  
Single System (5 reagent) AutoBlockTM Catalog Number SC860
Dual System (10 reagent) AutoBlockTM Catalog Number SC862

AutoBlockTM Accessories:

Reagent kit Catalog Number SC880
Kit includes six-place Acid Bottle Rack and five delivery caps suitable for use with acid bottles. Caps accept 1/8in Teflon® tubing (supplied with AutoBlockTM) and allow reagents to be drawn directly from recycled acid bottles.

Acid Bottle Rack Catalog Number SC865
Reagents can be stored and kept from tipping in this six-place polyethylene rack. Designed to accommodate 2,5 liter acid bottles.

Reagent Delivery Caps Catalog Number SC873
38mm screw threaded Teflon® cap with screw port and vent port. Caps are supplied with Teflon® vent filter. The filter allows the reagent bottles to be kept outside the fume hood while preventing fumes from escaping into the laboratory.

Digestion Vessel pack of 1000 Catalog Number SC475 
68mL polypropylene vessel, graduated, with screw cap.  

Reflux Cap pack of 1000 Catalog Number SC506
For those procedures that call for reflux, a reflux cap is used instead of the traditional ribbed watch glass. The reflux cap fits over the top of the SC475 sample cup and has a 1,27cm (0.5 inch) hole in the center. Reagents added during the digestion procedure are introduced through the hole in the center of the cap. Tests have shown that a 1,27cm hole is the appropriate size to allow evaporation similar to that of a ribbed watch glass.

Sample Cup Racks Catalog Number SC864
18-place sample cup racks for use with the AutoBlockTM. Made of polycarbonate, these racks secure into the AutoBlockTM for safe, accurate digestions. (three racks are supplied with the AutoBlockTM ).

HEPA Filter Replacement Catalog Number SC868
Replacement HEPA Filter is easily replaced in minutes and has 99,9% capture rate of particles 0,3mm or larger.

Pump Tubing Replacement Kit Catalog Number SC866
Long lasting, flexible PFTE tubing is inert to all routine digestion reagents. The tubing has a rated life of 1500 hours. Comes complete with PTFE adapters and is pressure tested to 100 psi.