TJ Environmental is a retail business providing quality products and support to environmental laboratories and testing professionals. We offer filters and testing equipment for liquid and areosol monitoring (such as HotBlock, ghost wipes, BOD bottles, TCLP products, metals analysis products, ProWeigh filters, MaxFil, ZHE+, Digestion Vessels, flow meters, acetone vaporizers, and various filters for water and air testing) at very competitive prices.  We currently stock products by BGI, Environmental Express, J.D. Technical Services, Menzel, SPI Supplies and Technovation. Most orders received before 3 pm can be shipped to you from our office the same day that you place your order. That means no uncertain waiting time and delays, as with many suppliers. HotBlocks, BOD bottles and vessels, Microscope slides, gold filters

Flow Meters

TJ Environmental offers a variety of handy size Dwyer flow meters for field calibration of air sampling pumps or use with laboratory equipment.  Each flow meter is supplied with two brass lure type fittings for inlet and outlet allowing for easy connection to flexible tubing.

VFB Series flow meter VFB Series flow meter with ±3% full scale accuracy and 1 - 10 liter/min of air scale.  Flow meter bodies are cut and precision machined from solid, clear acrylic plastic blocks.  Scale is easy to read.  The front scale location and white background provides excellent visibility. The direct reading scales are hot stamped into the plastic and will not wear off. Mid-range calibration is established with a master flow meter. Dimensions – 16.5 cm long x 3.4 cm wide x 3 cm deep.

Catalog Number DFM246810

DR Series metric scale flow meter DR Series metric scale, direct read glass flow meters,  150mm flow tube 0.5 LPM to 16 LPM of air, ± 5% full-scale accuracy.   Flow meters have glass flow tube, aluminium inlet, outlet and side panels and a thick polycarbonate front shield.  Two brass, threaded barb fittings are supplied with the flow meter for hose attachment. Dimensions – 25cm long x 3.2 cm wide x 3.2 cm deep

Catalog Number DR200332-M