TJ Environmental is a retail business providing quality products and support to environmental laboratories and testing professionals. We offer filters and testing equipment for liquid and areosol monitoring (such as HotBlock, ghost wipes, BOD bottles, TCLP products, metals analysis products, ProWeigh filters, MaxFil, ZHE+, Digestion Vessels, flow meters, acetone vaporizers, and various filters for water and air testing) at very competitive prices.  We currently stock products by BGI, Environmental Express, J.D. Technical Services, Menzel, SPI Supplies and Technovation. Most orders received before 3 pm can be shipped to you from our office the same day that you place your order. That means no uncertain waiting time and delays, as with many suppliers. HotBlocks, BOD bottles and vessels, Microscope slides, gold filters

Air Sampling Pumps and Accessories

TJ Environmental offers high quality air sampling pumps. The JD8T and JD16T sampling pumps are designed by experienced field staff to withstand the rigors of site work, particularly in the asbestos removal industry.

Air Sampling Pump They are constructed from epoxy-coated aluminium and, as a result, are strong, rigid and rustproof. Flow control is via a needle valve, which ensures a stable flow rate throughout the sampling range. Pumps are equipped with NiMH battery packs. The batteries will not develop a memory if charged before complete discharge and have a longer life than lead acid batteries.

Listed below are the standard specifications of both pumps, however, there are a number of optional extras available including preset and programmable timers, flow meters and active flow control. Pumps can also be built or modified to customer’s own requirements.

  JD8T JD16T
MATERIAL Aluminium Aluminium
COATING Epoxy powder Epoxy powder
LENGTH 19.5 cm 26.0 cm
WIDTH 18.0 cm 21.5 cm
HEIGHT 11.0 cm 11.5 cm
LENGTH inc. mast 42.0 cm 42.0 cm
WEIGHT 3.5 Kg 5.9 cm
FLOW 1-9 L/min 1-17 L/min, High range
1-10 L/min, Low range
DURATION @ max. flow 6 hours 3-3.5 hours, High range
5.5-6 hours, Low range
STABILITY ± 2.5% ± 2.5%
PUMP Single diaphragm Double diaphragm
VACUUM 550 mmhg 710 mmhg

The pumps are guaranteed for 12 months from the date of delivery against all mechanical and electrical defects. Conditions of the guarantee can be provided on request before purchase. Please, call for pricing and delivery time on pumps.

Catalog Number
Air sampling pump 1-9 L/min
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Air sampling pump 1-17 L/min
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Flexible tubing

Flexible tubing for sampling pumps is available in lengths from 1 to 10 meters. The tubing is available in various inside and outside diameters.

Catalog Number
Flexible vinyl tubing 3mm ID and 1cm OD
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